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 Lyle Lovett
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LYLE LOVETT - Accordi - Family Reserve
--Key----Delay----Bpm: 72---Guitar--Piano-
Check out this cool Lyle Lovett tune...can anybody help me out with the
words in the last verse, some of those names are a bit hard to catch

Family Reserve - Lyle Lovett

When I saw the ambulance screaming down Main Street

I didn't give it a thought

But it was my Uncle Eugene

He died on October the 2nd, 1981

And my Uncle Wilbur

They all called him Skinner

And they said for his younger ways

He'd get drunk in the morning

And show me the rolls of fifties and hundreds

He kept in the glove box of his old grey Impala

Chorus: And we're all gonna be here forever

So Mama don't you make such a stir

Put down that camera

And come on and join up

The last of the family reserve

Now my second cousin his name was Calloway

He died when he'd barely turned two

And it was peanut butter and jelly what did it

The help she didn't know what to do

She just stood there and she watched him turn blue


And my friend Brian Temple he thought he could make it

So from the third story he jumped

And he missed the swimming pool

But only by inches

And everyone said he was drunk


And there was great Uncle Julius and there was Aunt Annie Miller

And Mary and Grandaddy Paul

And there was Hannah and Ella and Alvin and Attic

And he owned his own funeral home

And there are more I remember and more I could mention

Than words I could write in this song

But I feel them watching and I see them laughing

And I, I hear them singing along


There you go...Keep an eye out, more Lovett tunes to come


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