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 Game Theory
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GAME THEORY - Accordi - Together Now
--Key----Delay----Bpm: 72---Guitar--Piano-
Together Now, Very Minor
By Game Theory c. 1987 Lolita Nation album
Chorded out by Andrew Otwell for Loud-Fans list

This songis a bit of a pain to show visually because of Scott's sort of
idiosyncratic vocal timing, so get the chords down (very easy) and fool
with the rhythym a bit.
Keep in mind that the guitar rhythym is pretty much the same through the
whole thing, which gives it that feel. :-)

Chords are bracketed.

(Main/Intro chord progression is F#-B-E-C#)

[F#]Become the [B]agile [F#]ones with [B]legal means
[C#]The men who bring the message to [B]Abilene
[A#m]Look-at-me [F#]togs [D]boxed up at [E]mom's on the [B]floor [E][B][E]
[F#]The news came [B]hard and has [F#]never been [B]taken right
[C#]Toplevel-cleared and riding the [B]satellite
[A#m]Girl, stretch your [F#]legs and [D]find what [E]besides me is [B]new
And [B]write the obit when you do
He [C#]never ran [B]out when the [A#m]spirits were [C#]low
A [C#]nice guy [B]as minor [A#m]celebrities go[C#]
All [C#]right all [B]together [E]now very [C#]minor I [F#]know [B][E][C#] [2x]

[F#]The levee [B]view reads like [F#]life as it [B]used to be
[C#]But coming now the only thought [B]striking me
Is [A#m]take it in [F#]well
As [D]eyelids of [E]evening come [B]down [E][B][E]
Your [B]beautiful longing world unwound
He [C#]never ran [B]down when the [A#m]spirits were [C#]low
A [C#]nice guy [B]as minor [A#m]celebrities go [C#]
All [C#]right all [B]together [E]now very [C#]minor I [F#]know [B][E][C#]
And [C#]please don't pay attention to
A [G#]thing I do or say
[A]It's a ploy to [F#]drag you out
And [E]take it [A]all a[E]way [C#]
All [F#]away [B][E][D] [repeat until fade. . .]

Extra Bonus!!
chorus to "Beach State Rocking" by Alternate Learning, Scott Miller's very
old band. Song appears on the Game Theory best of collection "Tinker to
Evers to Chance" (out of print)

[A]Beach state [D]rocking, [E]everybody's [Bm]talking
But its [D]all been [F#m]told, its [D]never [F#m]old
[A]Beach state [D]rocking, [E]Christmas without [Bm]stockings
Its the [D]formal [F#]coat you've [D]never [F#m]owned
It [E]takes the [A]children [B]from thier [E]homes!

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