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 Jack Ingram
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JACK INGRAM - Accordi - Airways Motel
--Key----Delay----Bpm: 72---Guitar--Piano-

"Airways Motel" by Jack Ingram and Todd Snider
Album: Livin' or Dyin' - Jack Ingram
(c) 1996 Beat Up Ford Publishing, I Heard Them Songs

Capo 2nd Fret

Intro: G C9 G C9

I found myself down at the Airways Motel

Drunk and half hearted again

Alone with a woman who's not gonna tell

What I've been doin' and where I have been

It seems Sunday mornings, they come without warning

I'm never ready for the way that I feel

So sick of lying, I know that I'm dying


But I can still sing along with the choir

While I fight through my own private hell

Caught between heaven and all my desire

For the girl at the Airways Motel

When I promised forever the night that I married
I meant every word that I said
But a couple years later I stand here a liar
Next to the woman I know I've misled

Looking around at this whole congregation
Too tired to listen, I play with my ring
I wonder who all of us think that we're fooling
Hiding from someone who sees everything


Somewhere between heaven and all my desire
For the girl at the Airways Motel

Chords: G - 320033
C9 - x32033
C - x32010
D - xx0232

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