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 Guided By Voices
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GUIDED BY VOICES - Accordi - Echoes Myron
--Key----Delay----Bpm: 72---Guitar--Piano-
'Echoes Myron' by Guided by Voices
from the album 'Bee Thousand'

The guitars are tuned a little sharp on this one, but not enough
to use a capo. Twist your pegs up until that opening G
sounds right.

This is how my aged ears heard the song, but I'm not totally
confident about the chords at the end...sometimes its hard to
hear through that lo-fi production...corrections are welcomed.


A - x02220 D - xx0232
B - x24442 E - 022100
Bm - x24432 Em - 022000
- 224432 - 133211
C - x35553 G - 320003

(intro: G - Bm/F# - B - C - G - Bm/F# - B - C)

tower to the skies an academy of lies

and what goes up surely must come down

and we felt the mighty blow up with the walls coming down

or something like that

most of us are quite pleased with the same old song

and all of a sudden I'm relatively sane

with everything to lose and nothing to gain

or something like that

man of wisdom and man of compromise

man of weak flesh in an armored disguise

all fall down

G - Bm/F# - B - C (play this progression 4x)

if its right you can tell echoes myron like a siren

with endurance like the liberty bell

and he tells you of the dreamers

but he's cracked up like the road

and he'd like to lift us up but we're a very heavy load

and we're finally here and shit yeah its cool

and shouldn't it be or something like that

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