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 The Weston
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THE WESTON - Accordi - Dirt Sandwich
--Key----Delay----Bpm: 72---Guitar--Piano-

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Song: Dirt Sandwich
Artist: Weston
Album: Got beat up (Go kart Records, 1996)

Chords used: G Em Cadd9 Em7 Asus C
320033 022000 X32033 022030 X02230 X32010

You got me a heartbreak sandwich when you went to college

You got picked up and left to learn about the environment

I wanna forget you, didn´t wanna let you

Leave town without tellin´ me were something you´ll remember

And it all fell down when I didn´t call you up

I hope now we can spend some honest time, if you come home...

I know I gave you a dirt sandwich

When you needed to cry and I wanted to kiss

The picture we ended up painting was a both ? and^¿

a half eaten sandwich

Meaning we alway took what we wanted and left the rest

And it all fell down when I didn´t call you up

I hope now we can spend some honest time, if you come home...

G, Em, Cadd9 (hold on a bit on last chord) ;repeat this two times.

I don´t wanna forget you but I´m gonna let you

Go on with your life while I thrust thru mine...

(repeat last two lines.)
I´m not sure about some chords but it sounds pretty close.
Email me if you have any comments, also if you have some other Weston tabs.

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