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 Midnight Oil
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MIDNIGHT OIL - Accordi - In The Valley
--Key----Delay----Bpm: 72---Guitar--Piano-
X-Newsreader: TIN [version 1.1 PL9]

In the valley - Oils

The notation C(g" f" e" d" c") means you play C major plus the line
g" f" e" d" c", where g" means the note g on the upper E string etc.
Well, listen to the song and you know what I mean.

C C(g" f" e" d" c") a

C C(g" f" e" d" c") a G

C C(g" f" e" d" c") a G C D F F(g")
^^^^^ is this one called F2?

My grandfather went down with the Montevideo

Rising sun sent him floating to his rest
And his wife fled south to Sydney seeking out safe harbour
A north shore matron she became with some paying guests

My father went down with the curse of big cities

Traffic tolls and deadlines took him to his peace
Now Bob Dyer glued us to our seats and lawns were always victa neat
Whilst menzies fawned at royal feet
F(d") F(g")
I'm sure you remember, do you remember

In the valley I walk, in the valley I walk
In the valley I walk, who will take me there

In the valley I walk, cold comfort I can hear you talk
In the valley I walk, who will take me there.

(play intro part)

When my mother went down it was a stiff arm from hades

Life surprises and tears you like the southerly
She always welcomed the strange, always welcomed the stranger
a F(d") F(g")
I don't see too many around like this, oh no not many like this

Chorus: ...I took some comfort there

In the valley I walk, oh rough justice I hear you talk
In the valley I walk to meet my water shed, to meet my water shed

I meet my water shed

I hope virtue brings its own reward

And I hope the pen is mightier than any sword
D h
I hope the kids will take it slow

I hope my country claims its own, yes I do

In the valley I walk, I cried, yes I cried, I was down then I crawled
Mercy's arms all around me when I was down there
a a
In the valley I walk, do you read me they can hear me
a |: F(g") :|
In the valley

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