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 Billy Joel
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BILLY JOEL - Accordi - Its Still Rock And Roll To Me
--Key----Delay----Bpm: 72---Guitar--Piano-
It's still Rock'n'Roll to me
(Billy Joel)

What's the matter with the clothes I'm wearing?

"Can't You tell that your tie's too wide?"

Maybe I should bye some old tab collar?

"Welcome back to the age of jive.

Where have you been hiddin' out lately, honey?

You can't dress trashy till you spend a lot of money"

Everybody talking 'bout the new sound.

Funny, but it's still rock and roll to me.

What's the matter with the car I'm driving?

Can't tell it's out of style?"

Should I get a set of white wall tires?

"Are you gonna cruise the miracle mile?

Nowadays you cant't be too sentimental.

Your best bet's a true baby, blue Continental."

Hot funny, cool punk even if it's old junk,

it's still rock and roll to me.

Oh it doesn't matter what they say in the papaers,

'cause it's always been the same old scene.

There's a new band in town but you can't get the sound

from a story in a magazine.

aimed at your average teen.

How about a pair of pink sidewinders

and a bright orange pair of pants?

"Well, you could really be a Beau Brummel baby,

if you just give it half a chance.

Don't waste your money on a new set of speakers.

You get more milage from a cheaper pair of sneakers."

Next phase, new wave, dance trace, anyways

it's still rock and roll to me.

What's the matter with the crowd I'm seeing?

"Don't know that they're out of tough?"

Should I try to be a straight 'A' student?"

If You are, then you think too much."

"Don't you know about the new fashion, honey?

All you need are looks and a whole lota money."

It's the next phase, new wave, dance trace; anyways

it's still rock and roll to me.

Everybody's talking about the new sound.

Funny, but it's still rock and roll to me.

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