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JACKOPIERCE - Accordi - My Time
--Key----Delay----Bpm: 72---Guitar--Piano-
"My Time"

This A* probably has a name but I'm not all up with the names thing but
anywas it's played like this:


The way I play the song is I just hold an E chord and move my middle finger
and ring finger back and forth. Its pretty easy.


start on the standard E chord(just like mike)
this us where my version gets different

the next chord is Asus2, but is played higher on the neck

THE next chord is something like Bsus2/C#

then it goes back to Asus2-E
(between chords strike single moving bass notes)
Quick step to texas in the driving wind
(B)Bsus2/C# (B)
and it seems the man in the moon was crying too
Thit just an example (single strike bass notes are in())
there are more moving base notes but you can figure it from here
the chorus is the same as the verse but you trade an E for an F#sus4

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