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JACKOPIERCE - Accordi - Get To Know Me Better
--Key----Delay----Bpm: 72---Guitar--Piano-
"Get to Know Me Better" by JACKOPIERCE
from the album BRINGING ON THE WEATHER (A&M) - Track 12
for Jackopierce chords check WWW:
||Listen to the song first to establish the rhythm.
||This is not perfect, so please send any corrections.
||I'm not sure about the chorus, so if you know the song, please check it.

Play the chords as follows:

C x32033 :-- actually Cadd9
C/B x22033 :-- name this chord please
G 320033 :-- name this chord please
D xx0323


C C G C C G C C G D D C/B C x 2


I know you don't trust a thing that I say - that's ok

You've seen thing build and watched them end

All I want is to be your friend

Life is too short to play games, make false claims, live under chains

So build new things without plans

Slowly now, give me your hand


First I take a little then I give a lot to you

And it breaks my heart to see you smiling

Every time I tell the truth

Yeah It's allright if you would only take the time

To get to know me better


Now you trust what I say

I knew the day would come soon enough

So when you ask then you'll receive

But you smile like you don't really believe

Chorus x 2

C C G C C G C C G D D D several times while yelling "Get to know me!"

-- -- -- -- -- --
Arabella Clauson

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