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THE BAND - Accordi - Daniel Daniel And The Sacred Harp
--Key----Delay----Bpm: 72---Guitar--Piano-
Daniel, Daniel and The Sacred Harp


Daniel Daniel and the sacred harp

Dancing through the clover

Daniel Daniel would you mind

If I look it over


I heard of this famous harp years ago back in my home town

But I sure never thought old Daniel be the one to come and bring it around

Tell me Daniel how the harp came into your posession

Are you one of the chosen few who will :march: in the the procession

and Daniel said

The sacred harp was handed down from father unto son

And :me not being: related, I could never be the one

So I saved up all my silver and took it to a man

Who said he could deliver the harp straight into my hand

Three years :I: waited patiently

till he returned with the harp from the sea of Galilee

He said there is :one more: thing I must ask but not a personal :greed:

But :I: wouldn't listen :I: just grabbed :that: harp

And said take what you may need.

Now Daniel looked quite satisfied :with: the harp it seemed to glow

But the price that Daniel had really paid he did not even know

Back to his brother he took his troubled mind

And he said :dear: brother I'm in a bind

But the brother would not hear his tale he said Old Daniel's gonna land in

So to his father Daniel did run And he said oh father what have I done

His father said son you've given in you know you won your harp

But you lost :in sin:

Then Daniel took the harp and went high on the hill

And he blew across the meadow like a whipperwhill

He played out his heart just :for: time to pass

But as he looked to the ground he noticed no shadow did he cast

Repeat Chorus

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