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 Crosby Stills Nash
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CROSBY STILLS NASH - Accordi - Carry Me
--Key----Delay----Bpm: 72---Guitar--Piano-
Carry Me    (David Crosby)

g# e b g# e b g# e b g# e b f# e d f# e d f# e g# e b g# e b
[ ... notes ... ] x2

When I was a young man, I found an old dream

It was as battered and worn a one, as you have ever seen

I invented some new wings, and I painted a nose

I wished so hard, up in the air, I ro-o-ose, singing

Carry me, carry me, carry me, above the world

Carry me, carry me, carry me

And I once loved a girl, she was younger than me

Her parents kept her locked, up in their lives

And she was crying, she was wishing she could be free

Of course I mostly remember her laughing

Standing there and watching us play

For a while then, the music, would take her away and she'd be singing

Carry me, carry me, carry me, above this world

Carry me, carry me, carry me, above the world

Then there was my mother, she was lying in white sheets there

And she was waiting to die

She said if you just reach underneath this bed, and untie these weights

I could surely fly

She's still smiling but she's tired

She'd like to hear that last bell ring

You know if she still could she would, stand up, she would sing

Carry me, carry me, carry me, above the world

Carry me, carry me, oo-ooh, oo-ooh, oo-ooh, oo-ooh, oo-ooh, oo-ooh, ooh

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